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About Our Organization

Our Mission is to provide players the opportunity to develop as basketball players, to become responsible citizens and community role models.  We stress the importance of education, teamwork and leadership.

They are expected to set a good example, be a role model of behaviors, values and life priorities.

The ATTITUDE is a volunteer organization, which through its membership with the National AAU, is recognized as a tax-exempt, 501©3 non-profit organization.

The ATTITUDE is also an affiliated program with the Westminster Area Recreation Council and abides by its requirements and rules.

The goals of the ATTITUDE organization are to:

  • Offer the opportunity for young women to improve their character and sportsmanship as well as their technique, skills and abilities.
  • Develop the local area girls basketball programs
  • Create a support system for local high school players to prepare for college basketball
  • Learn the principle behind positive attitude.  In life, as in sports, you do not always have control of the environment or your competition.  However, you alone are responsible for your attitude and the work ethic it produces.

ATTITUDE Core Values

No individual in the ATTITUDE organization, including coaches, are paid. All are volunteers, who make many personal sacrifices to help youngsters learn, play and enjoy the game of basketball. The ATTITUDE is just as concerned about the character of a prospective coach as it is about the person's ability to design effective offensive plays or prepare a successful conditioning program. Coaches often become surrogates of parents. They are expected to set a good example, be a role model of behaviors, values and life priorities.

Team parents and business managers are just as critically important to our success. Without them, there is no team. No teaching. No mentoring. No enrollment in leagues, clinics and tournaments. No opportunity for student athletes to grow through participation in team sports.

Coaches, team parents and business managers are required to be members of the ATTITUDE organization. All coaches and bench personnel must be registered as a coach with the AAU.  Parents and interested community supporters are welcomed to be voting members of the organization.

People are the resource in greatest demand. The second greatest need is financial assistance.  The ATTITUDE encourages teams to actively raise funds to support its teams. The organization, through its membership with the National AAU, is recognized as a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Fund-raising can come in many forms, from the soliciting of corporate sponsorships to carwashes and candy sales to support from family and friends.

The AAU commitment can be a big one, but also one that can bring many rewards for your daughters.  It takes involvement, sincerity, hard work and cooperation on the part of players and their parents.  AAU is not recreational ball.  The commitment also varies from team to team as some teams play more competitive schedules than others.  Games are usually on the weekends.  It is expected that players will make all of the games and practices.  Most teams practice twice a week.  Fees during an AAU season can vary from team to team depending on how often the team plays.  Before the season begins, teams usually outline their schedules and determine the overall cost.

Open tryouts for the AAU season will be held each year in February/March in accordance with AAU procedures.  The primary season for girls’ AAU basketball is February through July.  Teams may choose to operate year-round and play in competitive travel leagues around Baltimore in the fall and winter.



For more information contact: info@attitudehoops.com     
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