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The Central MD Attitude have announced that they will be offering their Eighth Annual College Scholarship Award to a graduating Senior this Spring. The Scholarship Application can be downloaded here.

The Central Maryland Attitude Scholarship acknowledges a graduating senior(s) who will continue on a college path, participated in the Attitude organization and best demonstrates the ideals and values at the core of the Attitude’s program.

Application(s) will be accepted from student(s) who meet the following criteria:

• Applicants must be a graduating senior in the year of application.

• Applicants will have been accepted at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university.

• Applicants must have played in the Attitude organization for a minimum of two years.

The recipient(s) shall be selected by the Scholarship Committee based on the following criteria:

• Applicants will receive one point for each year they played in the Attitude Organization (weighted 20% of total score).

• Applicants essay will be anonymously scored by a minimum of 5 evaluators on a point scale of 1-10. The average of these scores will be added (80% of weighted score) to the years played to achieve a final score.

There can be more than one scholarship awarded dependent upon applicant scores and the financial status of the organization. Each award will be a one-time five hundred dollar ($500.00) award. The award can be applied to either the Fall or Spring semester of the freshmen year.

The money shall be transmitted directly to the desired college or university and applied directly to the student’s tuition. The monies shall not be remitted to the scholarship winner. Exception to this will be in situations dictated by the college or university.

The complete application package should be returned by May 1 of the applicable year.

info@attitudehoops.com   |   331 Hilltop Drive, Westminster, MD 21158